Archaeology Field School

For the past 14 years the Ames AgResearch and Education Center has hosted an archaeology field school through a collaborative program with Rhodes College and the University of Memphis. Each summer students and faculty spend three weeks in residence at Ames while engaged in excavations on both historic and prehistoric sites.

Utilizing the rich cultural landscape at Ames the students gain invaluable experience in scientific archaeological methods.  Their efforts also enhance our understanding of the material culture present at Ames and bolster our ability to preserve and share the rich cultural heritage found here.

Rhodes students, under the direction of Dr. Kimberly Kasper focus their research on the material culture associated with slavery through the investigation of numerous antebellum plantation homesites including the houses of enslaved African Americans. 

Under the direction of Dr. Andrew Mickelson, University of Memphis students are investigating Mississippian period culture and land use at Ames including investigations at a ceremonial mound complex and associated town site.  Research is also being conducted on over 30 contemporary prehistoric sites located throughout the Ames land base.