Field Trials

The National Championship was first organized and run near West Point, Mississippi in 1896. Later, the competition was conducted on field trial grounds south of Grand Junction, Tennessee. Ames became the permanent home of the “National” in 1915 and each running since has been on the “hallowed” field trial grounds set in place by Hobart Ames, long time President and Judge of the National Championship.

Running is now conducted each year on 6,000 acres of Ames property beginning on the second Monday in February.  Normally between 35 and 40 English Pointers and /or English Setters, winners or placers in 80 qualifying trials throughout the U.S. and Canada, are entered into competition.  To be ideally executed, this event requires a good population of bobwhite quail in an all-age field trial habitat.  Extensive measures are implemented throughout the year to ensure these necessary conditions are available for a successful competition.  Several thousand field trial enthusiasts from all over the world attend the event each year continuing a century old tradition at Ames.