Our Research

The Ames AgResearch and Education Center is the largest of ten such centers in the UT AgResearch System. Located in southwestern Tennessee, approximately 60 miles east of Memphis, the center is well positioned to address a broad range of research topics of interest to residents of the western portion of the state.
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Beef Cattle
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Forestry & Wildlife
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Ongoing research activities are currently underway involving forestry, wildlife, agronomy, beef cattle, forage, entomology and cultural resources.  The center’s diverse 18,400-acre land base provides research opportunities only found at this location.  The Ames AgResearch and Education Center is comprised of approximately 13,500 acres of forest, 2,300 acres of commodity row-crops, and 800 acres of pasture land.  Principal crops are corn, cotton, soybeans, grain sorghum and wheat including acreage devoted to both research and production.  The Ames center also maintains about 400 head of Angus cattle and 30 head of horses, all of which are included in research programs.

Scientists from multiple disciplines within the UT system, as well as from other regional colleges and universities, utilize the vast resources available at the Ames AgResearch and Education Center to better the lives of all Tennesseans.