Shackelford Orchards

Margaret Shackelford Orchards

In an array of long-term forestry research projects Ames REC is developing a line of research leading to the domestication of hardwoods, particularly the oaks.  As with the genetic improvement of agricultural crops, beginning as far back as Native Americans taking the grass-like teosinte and developing maze, or a modern-day initiative to form a cooperative among University and Industry to improve pine, the project is a natural outflow from the need of human populations to increase production and develop reliable predictions for success.

The Orchards include 22 species, largely centered on oaks.  The project is supported by the vision of Mrs. Margaret Finely Shackelford and by the Trustees fulfilling the objectives of her Will.  Without that vision and support the project is not possible.  The work is supported by the Trustees of the Hobart Ames Foundation; and this partnership is laying foundations for a whole new way of managing hardwood forests

Mrs. Margaret Finely Shackelford
It was the vision of Mrs. Margaret Finely Shackelford and the support of the Trustees of her Will that make this project possible. That vision and this partnership is creating whole new way to look at hardwood forest management.