Educational Program

The Ames AgResearch and Education Center is, in effect, an 18,400- acre laboratory. Our expansive land base is rich with natural and cultural diversity providing unmatched educational opportunity for students of all ages and interests. The Ames educational experience is founded on a 70-year tradition of agricultural, environmental and cultural resource research.
Forestry Field School participants
Forestry Camp
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Student working with cattle as part of the Vet Medicine Program
Vet School
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Using Biltmore sticks as part of the Teachers Conservation Workshop
Teachers Conservation Workshop
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Archaeology dig artifact
Archaeology Field School
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Current educational activities involve the fields of forestry, wildlife, agronomy, beef cattle, veterinary medicine, forage, entomology and cultural resources. Students from across the Mid-South, including The University of Tennessee, The University of Memphis, and Rhodes College are regularly engaged in undergraduate activities, as well as research geared toward the achievement of graduate degrees.  Additionally, we provide educational opportunities to a broad spectrum of local citizenry including elementary and secondary students, youth groups, adult learners and senior citizens.  The Ames AgResearch and Education Center serves a vital role in the education of all Tennesseans.